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Testimonial of Jeff Lestz by Tom Rawls

Lead Pastor
Proclaimers Church

Testimonial of Jeff Lestz by Owen Morgan

Executive Pastor
Proclaimers Church

Testimonial of Jeff Lestz by Gemma Neill

Associate Pastor
Proclaimers Church

Testimonial of Jeff Lestz by Rose Betts

Proclaimers Church

Hi Jeff

I heard you speak at hillsong yesterday and God has already been powerfully speaking into my heart – I had to buy your book, I’m reading it now and am already at page 85. 

Using some words from your book, in context to myself; “I knew I wanted my own business, believing that God had more for me as an entrepreneur [freelancer] than as an employee. I wanted to build a better life for my family, but also wanted to see the kingdom of God and my local church prosper.

At the age of twenty-four I realised that I did not want to work for someone else to make them rich. I began to pray for a business opportunity.”  God gave me a part-time job at TfL working for the night-tube, which has enabled me to move to London six weeks ago, provided income to pay the rent (+ free travel!), and use the rest of my time to try and network, meet new clients and grow my business.

I just wanted to say thank you, as already your sermon and book have reaffirmed some important truths I needed to get right as the foundations are being laid, in this early stage of my career, for my future and so hopefully God can use me more to bless others.

God bless


Hello Mr. Lestz.

Some years ago my wife went to your seminar in Barneveld NL and brought me your book. True riches.

As a “wannabee millionaire” I started “giving” . The money was given, but not the heart. I expected to get rich. I hope you have a good laugh now.
Well, things turned around. My family and I had a horrible time, with each other and the children. No need to tell that the “giving” stopped.

But that all seems to be over now. Last year I promised my lovely wife I would get more ” into the church” and it worked all out. The family is at peace, and my wife and I feel very confident with each other. Also tithing was started, and to be honest, it is easy to go past 10%. I took one of your examples of not buying a car, but give it away. (Not a car for me but a fancy lawn mower) And I gave the money to the church, who wants to open a new location.

I had a laugh about my self, wanting that robot mower so bad. Currently I am reading Robert Morris: blessed life. Also very inspiring.
I don’t know whether you get many mails where things went right, but here is a sincere thank you. You made a difference.

With the best regards

Twan Bol and family