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Jeff Lestz has been teaching Biblical Finance for over 30 years and worked with Pastors around the globe. His passion is to help the local church grow leaders who understand and teach Finance. Jeff hosts this series in order to resource Church leaders with solid teaching and to signpost them to some great leaders and resources.

The Bible speaks of faith and prayer 500+ times and yet the Bible speaks about money over 3,500 times! Most people have little or no knowledge about money.

The churches are debt laden and the interest that individuals pay on car loans, mortgages, credit cards and other debts is enough to fund the vision of the Kingdom. What would happen if we could get every family in your church debt free?

Jeff believes the key is educating people and setting them free financially. This entails personal responsibility with both Godly and practical wisdom.

Jeff Lestz Ministry is to work with churches and raise up leaders who have a heart to further the Kingdom. He is a sought after speaker and you will most assuredly enjoy his unusual approach on Biblical Economics from a Jewish perspective .

In 2016 Jeff & Gunnar Johnson from Gateway church , Dallas Texas USA co authored Financial Freedom, a 5 week small group study on Biblical and practical finances.

Week 1

Jeff launches this series and discusses how to make additional income.

Week 2

In this session Rabbi Lapin dispels myths about money and what the scriptures really say about economics. After listening to this session you will never look at prosperity, money or economics the same way.

Jeff is excited to introduce you to one of his mentors, Rabbi Lapin. Rabbi Daniel Lapin has extensive knowledge in Biblical Economics. He brings a unique perspective as a Rabbi and insight into Ancient Jewish wisdom.

Rabbi Lapin has a free newsletter and extensive resources available for you to expand your thinking in the area of Money and economics.

Week 3

Several years ago Jeff asked this question:

Where do you go to get great resources and be around other great leaders who have dedicated their lives to teaching people about Money and Finance both Biblically and Practically?

He traveled to the USA to a conference and was pleasantly surprised to meet CSN (Christian Stewardship Network). Jeff now brings you this great resource and introduces you to one of their leaders, Chris Goulard.

In this session Chris explores the Theology of Money. You will love the practicality and richness of this teaching. Chris is the Pastor of Strategic Advancement at Saddleback Church where Rick Warren is the Sr Pastor. Rick is the author of The purpose driven life and you can find out more about their ministry here.

Week 4

Ian Green motivates people to develop vision for their lives and encourages them to step out of their comfort zones and create the life that they are intended to live. Ian travels extensively around the globe regularly speaking at conferences and seminars, creating and developing networks in order to see both visions accomplished. He speaks on behalf of Ian Green Communications and the Proton Foundation.

Ian was born in Wales and came to faith as a teenager. His perspective on life and his future was irrevocably changed. He became quickly involved in church leadership and in particular, in pastoring young people and later led the National Youth Department for the Assemblies of God in Great Britain for 10 years. He then went on to found and led Youth Ministries International, which later became Next Level International.

Week 5

Gareth Morgan helps high performers and achievers turn pressure into progress through his programmes. So far, the results have had an impact on performance in Football, Business and the Third Sector. As a Vision and Culture Architect, Gareth helps people see the bigger opportunity to produce change and build the personal capacity to do so. Gareth is author of the books The Winning Conversation and The Winning Keys.

These are a 66 day guide to changing your internal conversation that unlocks your greatest potential. He is the founder of Personal Revolution, which is a company delivering high quality personal development content and strategies. Gareth and Leanne, his wife, are the Vision and Culture Architects for Everyday Champions, which is a strong multi-site church across the UK. They perform this role for MIY (More In You) Coaching and CoLab Centre based in Greenwich.

Ian was born in Wales and came to faith as a teenager. His perspective on life and his future was irrevocably changed. He became quickly involved in church leadership and in particular, in pastoring young people and later led the National Youth Department for the Assemblies of God in Great Britain for 10 years. He then went on to found and led Youth Ministries International, which later became Next Level International.

Week 6

Based in Denmark for over 20 years, Scott Wilson has been a leadership trainer and coach to church leaders. He is the President of, a network of churches in Europe. He is also the founder and Director of the Institute for Creativity, Leadership and Management (ICLM).

Scott travels extensively, teaching and training leaders on building great church. He holds two masters degrees, one in theology and the other in organisational development. He also holds a doctorate through an adjunct college of Liverpool University, England. Scott has authored a total of eight books.

Week 7

Wayne Hilsden is the Co-Founder, Former Pastor, and President of King of Kings Community, a Messiah-centred congregation in the heart of Jerusalem founded in 1983 with three other congregations in Israel. King of Kings purchased Jerusalem’s largest movie theatre and transformed it into the Pavilion, a worship and conference centre. King of Kings also purchased the top of the same building and renovated it into the Jerusalem Prayer Tower. In 1990, Wayne co-founded Israel College of the Bible, which has trained more than 1500 Israeli students.

Michael Mistretta is the CEO of FIRM: Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries. Born in Toronto, Canada, Michael was raised in the church and later received a call to Israel where he met Pastor Wayne Hilsden and helped start FIRM. From starting his own company as a teenager to his 10 years of ministry experience, he is an entrepreneur and innovator who is passionate about seeing ministries in Israel thrive and people coming to know Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah. Michael’s passion for Israel takes him around the world as he strives to build unique connections between the church and the body of believers in Israel, and shares about how God is moving in Israel today.

Week 8

Dr Ana Loback is a Practitioner Psychologist and Behavioural Scientist, Executive Coach and the UK Managing Director of the TurningPoint Leadership, a global leadership development consultancy with over 200 coaches and experts. Ana coaches senior leaders, boards and executive teams in some of the largest organisations in the world, from luxury, retail, financial services and public sector, integrating evidence based and scientifically-sound tools in her work to create learning experiences that help leaders and organisations reflect, grow, evolve and foster positive work cultures that drive great results. Ana holds qualifications from Harvard Business School, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of East London and is a doctoral researcher in organisational psychology with the University of London.

Make sure to also visit Dr Loback’s own YouTube channel.

Week 9

Glyn Carter is based in the North East of England. After leaving school he did a carpentry apprenticeship and went on to start his own building company. In 2002 he bought his first Buy to Let property and now Glyn and his immediate family have a portfolio of over 85 properties. Glyn also sources, carries out refurbishments and manages investment properties for over 60 Landlords. He has appeared on Homes Under The Hammer 3 times and is known as an experienced property investor. 

Glyn has been married to his wife Jean for 30 years and together they pastor Kingdom Culture Church in Spennymoor County Durham. Their passion is to see people fulfil their full potential and be equipped to represent God 24/7 in whatever spheres of life they find themselves. 

Week 10

John Sikkema is a business entrepreneur, author and thought-leader who is passionate about motivating and mentoring entrepreneurs, business leaders and community leaders to discover their life purpose and align their business with that purpose to live and leave a lasting legacy.