Real leadership is not being pushy or high pressured or talking the most or loudest. Great salesmanship is not closing with pressure or making the client feel stupid . Great leadership & salesmanship is learning to listen to needs and serving others like you would want to be served .

A serving mentality is good for business, builds long term customer loyalty & is just good common sense. Customers will come back to a company that makes them feel important, listens to them carefully, takes their needs seriously, keeps its promises, admits and fixes its mistakes, and works hard to earn their trust and confidence. Among all our daily activities, A leader needs to watch business transactions carefully to see how we treat other people.

Did I talk to my colleague like I wanted to be spoken to ? If I own a business am I treating my employees like I would want to be treated if the tables were turned ? Am I playing the ‘long game ‘ or just taking the easy and fast route ?

If our main focus was the customer journey and serving others , not just the bottom line or making money then we would never rip off a customer . Would you do yourself harm or take advantage of your your own parents or children?

I have been in the financial services business for 40+ years and was trained to never sell people things they don’t need, and to treat them like Family. When your focus is on the ‘mission’ of helping others first then the money will naturally flow & you don’t have to be pushy or demanding. You won’t take advantage of unsophisticated buyers or won’t push damaged or flawed goods. You will never bait and switch. Your personal & company ethos will be to make your customers’ and your employees lives better. Your philosophy will become when we help others win in their lives we naturally win too .

We will succeed when we help others succeed.

When you run your life with the attitude ‘ When I help others win I win too ‘ you will live an abundant attitude . There is a proverb that says ‘ when you water other others you will also be watered.’ This is a paradox because our human nature says ‘it’s all mine ‘ or ‘ why should I care about others?’ Another proverb says ‘The life of the generous gets larger and larger while the life of the stingy gets smaller and smaller.’

This principle is any area of our life that we give to others. It could be giving service, time , money or words of encouragement . Learning to be generous enlarges our life.

When you treat others like you want to be treated word of mouth will become your best form of advertising . Referrals are the least expensive form of advertising and those you serve will become loyal to you and your brand.

I know this is good old fashioned service but the principles of treating others like we want to be treated will never change . People like to feel appreciated, valued and treated fairly. It’s simple, just treat others like you wish they would treat you !